choose the format that fits your schedule and learning style

Self-Paced Online

Live Stream Virtual Classroom

Live | Virtual Online Classroom Or Self-Paced Online: What is the Difference?

The live stream online course is led by an instructor and is organized in a live virtual meeting room (Zoom) where students and the instructor meet together to communicate via video conferencing.  The course follows a specified schedule and requires students and the instructor to be online at the same time.  Follow along in textbook, hear real-life examples and ask questions just as if you were sitting in the classroom. 

Text-Based Learning.  This is a self-study format.  Students learn on their own schedule and can log in and out as desired from home, work or anywhere with internet access.  The course is divided into short pages that you click through, and there are periodic quizzes to help you remember what you read.  Treated like a 40-hour work week, your education can be completed quickly so you can move on with your new real estate career.